What we offer

Sustainability and the speed of technological advancements are forcing companies to explore new avenues. TT-BMI is an initiative that uses the innovation potential of inter- and transdisciplinary teams of students and makes it available to SMEs in the Upper Rhine region. Together with students, you have the opportunity to put your business model to the test and outline possible alternatives. The goal is for you to go home with numerous ideas for innovative and sustainable business models with great potential for success.

Event options

There are various formats and events in which you can challenge students’ creativity – from hackathons to multi-day workshops to semester courses. There are also opportunities for longer-term engagements with students in the form of student research or joint projects.

Your benefit

You benefit from the creativity of an interested and motivated group of students from a wide range of backgrounds. At our events, various solutions to your sustainability challenges are sought and presented in the form of comprehensible and illustrated business models. In addition, you and your employees will learn various methods for developing business models in your company and testing them for their potential for success.

Your Commitment

In order for you to benefit from our events in the best possible way, a commitment to the following extent is necessary:

  • Preparation: Together with the responsible persons, you define and describe your current business models, strengths and the specific challenges. This information is important to familiarise the think tank with your company.
  • Implementation: One person from your company actively participates in the event. The involvement of other employees is possible and desired.
  • Reflection: Together with those responsible, you reflect on the event, evaluate the results and discuss possible next steps.

Please get in touch with us. Together we will find out which format best suits you and your company.