What we do

TT-BMI is an initiative with the goal of finding innovative solutions to real-world sustainability challenges through inter- and transdisciplinary education and research. We bring students from different faculties and universities together with SMEs in the Upper Rhine region to co-design and innovate sustainability-oriented business models.

For Students

Does putting your skills, ideas and values into action excite you? 
Are you motivated to drive impact in close collaboration with companies?
Are you eager to learn with and from other motivated and talented students?

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For Companies

Would you like to make your business model fit for the future?
Do you want to be inspired by the creative and entrepreneurial potential of a multidisciplinary group? 
Do you want to come to unexpected, approachable, crazy, actionable ideas to innovate sustainable business models for your company?

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Coming Up

Workshop 9. September, 2024 – Wir müssen reden… Lokal ist lecker!

Jointly discover opportunities for sustainable B2B food logistics in the Basel region!

TT-BMI in the new trinational Master in Sustainable Business Development

As part of a new one-year impact module, you will have the opportunity to work with students from a wide range of disciplines. Together, you will develop ambitious ideas for sustainability innovations.


A new semester course in Spring 2025 “Nachhaltigkeitsinnovationen mit Unternehmen”, as part of the BSc Energy and Environmental Engineering, with weekly half-day workshops.


Elective in Spring 2025 at the tri-national Bachelor in International Business Management at the FHNW. Open for all curious Bachelor students from any study program!

Design the digital sustainable value proposition of your business

One-day workshops for one of the most central elements of a business model: the value proposition